Day 20 – Rest & Reflection #2

If you wonder why I’m going on this Camino, here is a great blog post that expresses it better than I can. Enjoy.

PGS the Way

Every morning for nearly three weeks now, I've got up before sunrise, in the freezing cold and the dark, I've put on my boots, I've hauled on my backpack, and I've set off to walk some 20-30kms that day, which will get me incrementally closer to a place called Santiago de Compostela.

In the gloom, and as the sun rises and it begins to get lighter, I see ahead of me a beeline of several dozen others like me. I turn and see more behind me.

Elsewhere along this well trodden path of some 800 kilometers, at this same moment, thousands of people are doing the same thing – we're all following little yellow arrows pointing us towards a distant cathedral on the west coast of Spain, where supposedly lie the bones of a Saint.

We're all walking the Camino de Santiago.


That's the question I ask myself each…

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4 responses to “Day 20 – Rest & Reflection #2

    • George, thanks for you words of encouragement. The weather has been very nasty and I can use all the inspiration I can get! The good news is, the blisters are going away.

    • We met in that Bar in London…
      I talked with the person back here who has done it twice. He and I
      both wish you., I believe you know that God is shining on you each day
      and will let you know when that sun does shine.
      Keep up the good walk, as you are in my prayers

      Ed and Charlene Flannery

      • Don’t know why I am just seeing this comment today! Thank you for your kind words. They really mean so much to me. Your words help me remember that God’s sun/Son shines on me every day.
        But a little solar energy wouldn’t hurt, LOL!

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