Camino minus 15 – To Be? Nope. Not To Be.

I had decided to get a new smartphone for my Camino. I had hoped to post a photo from my new phone today.

The folks at the store had promised that it would be in last week. Therefore, today would be the day.

Sadly, I am still phoneless.

I went to buy the phone this afternoon. I had gotten all the bank information I would need in order to sign away two years of my life into technological servitude as a serf in the phone company’s fiefdom.

As I prepared to face the music and walk up to the salespeople, I had a bad feeling. There were three of them, matching nametags, and they were standing in the little kiosk, chatting away. I recognized one of them – she had helped me last week when I was trying to make my decision as to which phone to get. She had been very friendly, just not particularly helpful.

She had not helped her case when she didn’t know how much it costs to make out of country calls.

Everyone here travels out of the country. Often.

I already had a pretty good idea of how much out of country calls would cost since I knew from the phone I already had. Plus, I had just asked at another phone kiosk. But I wanted to see how accessible information would be if. . . no . . .  when I had a problem. Especially if I was out of the country.

“I’ll just look it up,” she had said, cheerfully, and began searching on the company’s dedicated program.

More than 10 minutes later, she was still trying to get the information.


So, here I was again, facing the same helpful salesperson. She remembered me and gave me a cheery “Hi!”

I smiled a friendly hello and asked, “Is the phone in?”

Crestfallen, then a quick, cheerful recovery. “Nope. But it’ll be in tomorrow!”

“OK. Thanks. Bye!” I gave a smile and a wave, turned, and walked away, even though it looked like she wanted the conversation to continue.

I, on the other hand, was hungry and tired. I had been prepared to begin the long, tedious process, chock full of surprises, that buying a new phone has become. But I wasn’t ready to engage in small talk.

Maybe tomorrow.

But I have a feeling the phone won’t be in tomorrow, either. And I’m sure I really won’t be in the mood for small talk tomorrow. I have to be psyched to sign a two-year contracts, and the air had just gone out of that balloon.



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